Fright Night

Hedgend Maze

Sun Oct 30th 2016 to Mon Oct 31st 2016 at 19:00 until 22:45
Melbourne, 163 Albert Road, Healesville

Event Details

Hedgend Maze's Fright Night Zombie Apocalypse is a living nightmare as you encounter the stumbling, ravenously hungry flesh eating Zombies, and their only goal is to eat you.

In intimate groups, your only source of light will be from a candle lit lantern shared between your group. You will make your way through our zombie infested toxic zones, our giant 1.2k hedge maze, filled with flesh eating zombies hidden behind unsuspecting turns to emerge, terrifying and tormenting you. Make your way through our gloomy bush land and try not to scream, and many more surprises!

It will surely be a terrifying experience… are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Be sure to book tickets early as this is a SELL OUT event! Click the BOOK NOW button to go straight to on-line ticketing .. if you dare !!

Anyone under 16 years of age needs to be accompanied by a paid adult (Family friendly session ONLY). Children will not be admitted onto the property for this event. Be advised that Fright Night is: Self guided groups, claustrophobic, intense, extreme, disturbing, vulgar, self-deprecating and aggressive. During Fright Night you may encounter adult language, fog, strobe lighting, and small spaces. It is not recommended that the following people attend this attraction: people with medical disorders, women who are pregnant, people who have epilepsy, people who are easily offended, people who are claustrophobic or suffer from any other phobia- Enter at your own risk. We recommend you wear covered foot wear, suitable for forest trekking and appropriate clothing for this outdoor event. Hedgend Maze may refuse your admission if we see conduct that may lead to possible danger or injury to yourself or other guests. By purchasing a ticket you assume all risk and liability for injury; you'll be walking through a forest and hedged maze in the dark with Zombies you're paying to scare and startle you. Hedgend Maze accepts no liability for any injury or loss/damage to your personal property. Enter at your own risk - no refunds on purchased tickets.

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