Shadows Of Wonderland


Sun Apr 24th 2016 to Mon Apr 25th 2016
Melbourne, Festival Hall, 300 Dudley Street

Event Details

HARD KANDY, HSU EVENTS & FINDERS KEEPERS PRESENTS: ‘SHADOWS OF WONDERLAND’ ‘FESTIVAL HALL’ 300 Dudley Street, West Melbourne Sun 24th April 2016 Anzac Day Eve 6pm – 1am Ticketmaster: Melbourne, get ready! The biggest hardstyle event, is about to hit town! Prepare to travel into a world of mystery, an imagination set amongst a Wonderland theme! A magical creation capturing a transformation of a new world, an expression, a glimpse of a vision, entranced & captivated but for only a moment, to last a lifetime. Close your eyes, take a breath, release your mind to explore & enhance your senses. Follow these sounds, and get ready to be mesmerised, through an enchanted journey into the Shadows Of Wonderland’…… ★ NOISECONTROLLERS ★ Noisecontrollers is a hard-dance act run by Bas Oskam. For nearly a decade, Noisecontrollers has been one of the leading acts in the Hardstyle genre hitting all major stages around the world. From an intense passion for music the producer behind Noisecontrollers, Bas Oskam, produces new music at conveyer belt pace. His success is built on his unusual talent for producing music with a creativity and passion that is uncomparable to anything else. Words can't describe how much Noisecontrollers and the process of creating music means to me, and how much it influences my life." Milestones Media Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Soundcloud: ★ D-BLOCK & S-TE-FAN ★ This energetic Dj-duo, have been the co-founders of the hard dance scene as it is right now; Energetic, melodic and powerful. They showed their talent multiple times over the last couple of years, which resulted in numerous hit records as: Music Made Addict, Rockin ' ur Mind, Sound of Thunder, Ride with uz and the Magical Mystery. Media Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Soundcloud: ★ THE PROPHET ★ Unlike his alias suggests, The Prophet doesn’t pass on musical messages; he creates them! The Prophet has searched for the combination of being, but also staying a pioneer in a constantly changing and rapidly growing hardstyle scene. His latest releases show a new direction. Full speed ahead, with a nod to the past. The Prophet is far from done, so the question remains: are you out there still with him? Media Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud: ★ RADICAL REDEMPTION ★ Rhythmic elements, raw sounds, heavy kicks and dark atmospheres will define this man. Also thinking outside the box, trying something new and experimenting with a lot of sounds. Radical Redemption, is just getting started, but a future force to reckon with! This is just the beginning, so watch out, more will be coming.. Media Links: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: ★ DA TWEEKAZ ★ Down to Earth guys, with a passion for Hardstyle and Hard Dance in general. When not behind the decks or in the studio, you can probably catch them partying in the front. Their energy is unlike none other. Sunglasses on, smiles from ear to ear and fists pumping to each beat, they're a true spark to energize any party. It's unique, it's whacky and it's down-right fun! Media Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Soundcloud: ★ PSYKO PUNKZ ★ Truly Hardstyle in sound, image and lifestyle, Psyko Punkz’s reputation have won them the world over for energetic live sets. Attracted to the melodic, yet pounding rhythms that typify a Psyko Punkz track. Media Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: ★ THEME Wonderland Themed ★ TicketMaster Link: ★ More info: ★ Inquiries: ★ Venue Details: 6pm – 1am ‘Festival Hall’ 300 Dudley Street, West Melbourne, 3003 Management reserves all rights. 18yrs & over Photo I.D. req.

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