Jewellery for men exhibition opening

Thu Jun 1st 2017 at 17:30 until 19:30
Melbourne, Lord Coconut - Level 5 Mitchell House, 358 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Event Details

The definition of a skull is the bony framework of the head, enclosing the brain and supporting the face and the image of a Skull has been used in jewellery since the first piece of jewellery was ever worn.

This exhibition has allowed Australian based jewellers and artisans to submit a piece of human skull inspired jewellery for men.

Some have gone the contemporary route and have used a stylised image of the human skull. Others have gone more literal and used a more anatomically correct image of the human skull.

Whichever way the jeweller has gone there is no denying that the human skull is an instantly recognisable symbol when used on jewellery for men.

Participating jewellers include: Ali Alexander, Beth Croce, Samantha Dennis, Ant Hat, Rohana Holiday, Ginkoh Jewellery, Windfall Jewellery, Orion Joel, Marko Radosavljevic, Kieran Stewart and Brian Wood.


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