Techno Insurgency

The Sub Club

Sat Mar 25th 2017 to Sun Mar 26th 2017 at 22:00 until 06:00
Melbourne, Flinders Court, Melbourne, CBD

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Saturday 25th March
The Sub Club
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Unite with Melbourne's finest techno DJs along with the city's most hi-tech, futuristic purveyors of visual art, as we transform one of Melbourne's most underground and intimate venues into a 22nd century explosion of urban sound and colour...

Nations have fallen…mega corporations, virtual worlds and all manner of never before seen ruling entities have risen to form the insane tapestry of Earth’s systems of governance…

From the dark recesses and the menacing heights of the putrid city-state known by its inhabitants as “the Womb”, a tyrannical metropolis of almost 500, 000 square kilometres, rules Grand Commander Zero, a shadowy figure of unknown origin. The Commander rules this cityscape with a vast series of supercomputers called the Tenebra-net, whose vice-like grip over the territory controls commerce, media, and lightning fast weapons deployment and manufacture, with anything from death immune microorganisms and supersonic self-aware drones to cyborgs and other war machines.

The Tenebra-net is impenetrable, with an endless array of ultra hi-tech hardware and software firewalls. Amidst all the filth, the mutants, the android sex workers… various groups fight for control of the streets…crime syndicates, thugs, and assassins. Among them, a mysterious, well-organised and well-equipped group of insurgents are on the verge of bringing down the network. On the eve of a deciding battle, clandestine activities are taking place in the basement of a downtown club…

Guerrillas…get ready to join the insurrection and storm the neon battlefield...

Performances of the future from…

☢ DJS ☢

  • Matt Radovich (Stable Music/Melbourne Techno Collective)
  • Kiti (Lightspeed Recordings)
  • C:1 (Detrimental Audio/Super Enjoy)
  • Richard Tropea (AKA DJ Hakk)
  • Neil Orchard (Screaming Fist Productions)
...bringing the full force of Sub Club's sound system...


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