Melbourne Car Rental

Melbourne and Victoria is easy to get around and a reliable hire vehicle, whether it be compact saloon, an SUV or even a camper van, is easy to arrange and there's a plethora of businesses, large well known brands to small private operators. 

Here are some tips for renting a car in Melbourne:
  • Book your car in advance, especially if you are traveling during peak season.
  • Compare prices from different rental companies before booking. Cheap is not always best so check for hidden charges
  • Make sure you understand the rental company's terms and conditions, ie. the age limit for drivers, the mileage allowance
  • Be sure to inspect the car for any damage before you drive away.
  • Notify the booking agent when you inspect the car and any marks or damage recorded on the paperwork.
  • Return the car on time and in good condition.
  • Is there extra charges for dropping off at a different point to the collection?

Here are some of the most popular car rental companies in Melbourne:

Here are just some of the most popular car rental locations in Melbourne: 
  • Melbourne Airport (MEL)  
  • Southern Cross Station
  • CBD Downtown
  • St Kilda
  • Brighton
  • Port Melbourne
  • Frankston

Things to consider when choosing a car rental in Melbourne:
  • The size of the car: Consider how many people will be in your party and how much luggage you will be bringing.
  • The type of car: If you will be doing a lot of driving on the highway, you will need a car with good fuel economy. If you will be doing a lot of city driving, you will need a car that is easy to park.
  • The insurance policy: Make sure you understand the rental company's insurance policy and that you are covered for any damage that may occur to the car.
* Top tip - your travel insurance may cover the hire vehicle excess so worth checking to save $$$ so worth checking👍🏻
.. and if you're driving in the CBD, then you've got to attempt the famous Melbourne Hook Turn.
It's so easy and such a clever idea. Here's a video on how to do it 👍🏻🙂