Visa Requirements for International Visitors

Visa Applications:

Overseas visitors may need to apply for a visa to enter Australia.
There are several types of visa that may be applicable depending on what you plan to do while in Australia, and where you are travelling from. Please click on the links below for more information.

Visa Types:

Visitor (subclass 600)(Tourist stream) visa
Electronic Travel Authority – ETA (subclass 601)
eVisitor (subclass 651)(Business Stream) visa
Temporary Activity (subclass 408)(Invited Participant) visa

All international visitors who require a visa should lodge their visa applications at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the intended date of travel. This will permit a suitable period of time for the department to process the visa applications.

To assist in the streamlining of the visa process, all visa applicants should ensure that their applications are completed fully, and that all documentary and evidentiary requirements are addressed and met.

Letter of Invitation

You may require a Letter of Invitation to accompany your visa application. This could be for a job interview or attending a trade show perhaps, Request a Letter of Invitation from the organiser or whoever is asking you or inviting you to come to Australia. This is useful in processing an application and can certainly speed the whole thing up.


Please refer to the document below for important information on customs and bringing goods into Australia.