Trygve Wakenshaw & Barnie Duncan: Different Party


Fri Apr 21st 2017 at 17:30 until 18:30
Melbourne, ACMI - Studio, Federation Square, Melbourne

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So funny! Remarkable! Skilled!

Comedy from two of physical comedy's great alumni - Trygve Wakenshaw (Squidboy, Kraken, Nautilus) and Barnie Duncan (Calypso Nights, Juan Two).

Team Different Party will give you many laughs!


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"The actors seem to share some kindred dysfunction in relation to normality; they are of one and the same deranged mind." Arts Review

"Different Party is difficult to describe in a way that makes any sense. ★★★★" The West Australian

"These physical comedians from New Zealand have made a show that is funny for just being funny. ★★★★1/2" The Australia Times

This production is proudly sponsored by Rucks's Leather Interiors. 

4 Stars: The West Australian - The West Australian
"Probably the best thing I have seen in awhile" - Arts Review
4.5 Stars: The Australia Times - The Australia Times

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