Flinders Street Railway Station

If you are new to Melbourne, this is the place where you are most likely to start your exploration of the city; Flinders Street Railway Station.

With a standing history of more than a hundred years, this is Australia's oldest railway station. It is also the busiest – so if you can, avoid peak hours in the early morning and afternoon (or if you are travelling at these times, make sure you've got your ticket organised and you are ready to be pushed through the busy automatic gates).

During the daytime, trains operate frequently on the so-called city-loop, which connects the major metropolitan stations of Flinders Street, Southern Cross, Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament.

Flinders Street Station is one of Melbourne's most famous landmarks. The clocks above the main entrance are a popular meeting spot for Melbournians, who arrange to meet 'under the clocks'.

The palace-like complex with its large copula and 700 metre long platform along Flinders Street creates a sharp contrast to the super modern Federation Square, which is located just across the road.