Lorne: A Natural Beauty

Lovely Lorne is a relaxed seaside town that would make an ideal destination any time of year. Bordered on one side by Lorne State Park and the other by the wide blue Southern Ocean, Lorne is a great place to discover stunning natural beauty, greet unique local wildlife, indulge in fresh local seafood and above all, relax and rejuvenate!

In Town

Located on Victoria's spectacular Great Ocean Road and lying between Airleys Inlet and Apollo Bay, Lorne was originally known as Louttit Bay, named after a local sea captain. It was renamed in 1870 after the Marquis of Lorne who married a daughter of Queen Victoria.

Lorne is renowned for its beautiful beaches and stunning coastline. Take a stroll along the town pier or the sandy beach and discover spots to swim, snorkel or surf. The town also has a variety of shops and vibrant cafes and restaurants. Make sure to sample the local seafood with fish and chips on the beach, a waterfront picnic or dinner at one of the fine restaurants. The region is also known for its well-priced accommodation, and you'll find plenty of options whether you're looking for a holiday apartment or house, motel or luxury retreat.

Lorne is well-placed for local entertainment and the town comes alive every New Year's Eve when thousands descend for the annual Falls Festival, a celebration of the best in local and international music. Book your tickets in advance. Also worth a visit is Qdos Arts, a gallery, café and sculpture park that also offers innovative tree-house accommodation.

The Otways

Surrounding the Lorne region, the Otway Ranges encompass the Great Otway National Park and Cape Otway. Discover cascading waterfalls, ancient towering forests, lush heathlands and striking coastline. Try a bushwalk, join a guided trek or bird-watching tour, take a horse ride or even explore the terrain along a mountain bike trail.

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures is a unique destination where you can explore the forest from an elevated canopy located 25 metres above the ground. Adventurous types might also like to try the 'Zip Line' tour; with this one you get to traverse between tree platforms – known as 'cloud stations' – up to 30 metres above the forest floor whilst attached to steel cables.

Discover beautiful fern gullies along the Maits Rest Rainforest Trail or head south to Cape Otway to discover one of Australia's oldest lighthouses, along with pristine beaches and stunning long-reaching ocean views.


Lorne is frequently visited by seals that frolic alongside the main pier. Take a walk in the evening to see them firsthand.

Discover local marine life with a whale watching tour or for something more unusual, head to Melba Gully, a unique destination featuring a large colony of glow-worms. Visit at night and experience the amazing sight of hundreds of tiny specks and sparkles of light towering overhead in the otherwise pitch black forest.