Taxi and Cabs Hire

Melbourne has many taxi companies and cab firms for hire. Please be sure you are using a Victorian Taxi Directorate (VTD) regulated company. Victorian Taxis are now prepaid fares after 10pm.

Check out the Taxi Fare Estimator. It will estimate your taxi fare based on pick-up and drop-off points anywhere in Victoria.

To book a taxi in regional Victoria, please refer to your local telephone directory.

To book a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi in Melbourne, call 9265 4602 or 9277 3877.

Company name Phone number
Silver Top Taxis 13 1008
13CABS 13 2227
Western Suburb Taxi 9689 1144
Platinum Taxi (includes associated taxis)
9090 1800
Dandenong Taxis (outer-suburban zone) 9791 2111
Frankston Taxis (outer-suburban zone) 9786 3322

Taxi dome lights indicate availability to people hailing a cab and amber tariff lamps indicate the hiring rate. Use the following  LINK 



Dome light illuminated, amber tariff lamps not illuminated Taxi vacant - for hire                                                             Taxi Vacant - For Hire


Dome light and amber tariff lamps not illuminated Taxi not for hire*

* The "NOT FOR HIRE" sign on passenger sun visor should be visible.
Taxi not for hire


Dome light not illuminated, one amber tariff lamp illuminated Taxi engaged
Standard hiring (5am to midnight) rates apply                   
Taxi engaged - One ember


Dome light not illuminated, both amber tariff lamps illuminated

Taxi engaged
Late night hiring rate operating

(midnight to 5am for metro andouter suburban zones,and midnight to 6am)

for country and urban zones); or

Operating at high occupancy tariff

(5 or more passengers, or specific large vehicle booking)

Dome light not illuminated, both amber tariff lamps illuminated

When arriving at Melbourne Airport Please use Taxi Rank  Silver TOP