North Melbourne and Parkville

North Melbourne offers wide tree-lined streets, a relaxed atmosphere and some good shopping on its Errol Street. It’s most iconic building is the Town Hall, which is a popular venue for performances and other events.

Built as a suburb for the working class, North Melbourne has until today been spared the luxurious housing developments that have caused real estate prices to sky-rocket in other places around the city. North Melburnians are commonly proud supporters of the North Melbourne Football Club, which was created in 1877 and became a founding member of what is today the Australian Football League (AFL).

Further north is Parkville with the gigantic Royal Park, a public domain, which offers a great range of outdoors activities. It covers an area of 170 hectares and is one of Melbourne’s most significant open places for recreation and relaxation including many sporting activities.

The Royal Melbourne Zoo in the centre of Royal Park is the oldest zoo in Australia and the third oldest in the world. It is also considered one of the world’s greatest zoos and deservedly so. It is home to a large number of Australian native animals as well as many exotic species. The park has been thoughtfully landscaped to imitate the natural habitat of its populace. Among the highlights are the large Bird Aviary, in which you can stroll along a boardwalk through a stimulated rainforest, swamp and bushland, the magical Butterfly House as well as the Platypus Habitat, that offers a rare chance to see one of the ancient semi-aquatic mammals.

Images Courtesy of Tourism Victoria