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Sail over Melbourne at dawn... hands-down the best way to snap some gorgeous shots of the skyline...

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Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia and an easy city to fall in love with.  While there's plenty enough in town to keep you busy for a week, here's a few tips on how to balance your urban adventures with exploring up the coast and around Port Philip Bay. 

Get Your Bearings Downtown

Start your trip in the heart of the city, Federation Square, where you'll find the volunteer Red Shirt Ambassadors who can give you plenty of advice on how to spend your time in Melbourne.  Then put their tips into perspective by either zipping 88 floors up the Eureka Tower for the highest view of the city, or by sailing over Melbourne at dawn with Global Ballooning – hands-down the best way to snap some gorgeous shots of the skyline. 

Eat Your Way through Multi-cultural Melbourne

Melbourne's many immigrant communities are the soul of the city.  Though it was originally founded by the British, the influence of Chinese, Greek and Italian communities make Melbourne what it is today, and the best way to explore them with your stomach – starting with the Italian bistros along Lygon Street, such as the famous University Cafe.  Short on time?  Graze your way through the Queen Victoria Market, which houses all the city's cuisine under one roof. 

Italian food on Lygon Street - University Cafe

Explore Cafe Culture with a Coffee Tour

Melbournians are crazy about their coffee.  The espresso culture of Italian immigrants has evolved over time into a city based on coffee connoisseurship with over 2,500 independent cafes and numerous roasting houses.  Try the best by taking a coffee tour with Maria Paoli of Coffee Tours Melbourne, or wander the city center and explore on your own. 


Appreciate Street Art

Melbourne's also one of the premiere cities for street art, so wander the down the Laneways and spend some time gazing at artwork on Hosier Lane

Top 10 in Melbourne and Victoria

Mellow Out at the Beach

Melbourne sits on the shores of Port Philip Bay, which means there are plenty of beaches to chill out on – though sunny weather is less than certain.  If the wind is high, try kite surfing in St. Kilda with The Zu Boardsports.  If not, simply relax before the colorful beach houses at Brighton Beach.

Top 10 in Melbourne and Victoria

Surfing in Torquay

If you're into water sports, make your way out of the city to Torquay, home to the legendary Bells Beach and one of the surf capitals of the world.  Not that pro?  Take a lesson with Great Ocean Surf Tours to learn the basics, try stand-up paddle boarding, or learn the sport's history at the Surf World Torquay museum.

Road Trip Down the Great Ocean Road

Then rent a JUCY camper van and do a road trip down the Great Ocean Road.  If you have time, make your way to the Twelve Apostles.  Otherwise make a two-day loop around Port Philip Bay.

Spend a Night in Victorian Queenscliff

Before catching the Searoad Ferry to the other side of Port Philip Bay, spend some time in historical Queenscliff, a tiny Victorian village at the mouth of the harbor that was once a weekend retreat for Aussie aristocrats.  The restored Vue Grand Hotel is the pride of the town and has recently opened up a rooftop bar with great food and an impressive selection of craft beer. 

Lunch with Koalas, Moonlit Sanctuary

Swim With Dolphins, Lunch With Koalas

Don't leave the bay without hanging out with the coolest locals in Port Philip Bay – dolphins.  The three-hour Moonraker Dolphin Swim will get you swimming alongside the bay's resident pod.  But if you'd prefer to stay on dry land, you can walk with the best of Australia's wildlife in the nearby Moonlit Sanctuary


Relax with Hot Springs or Chilled Wine

On your way back to Melbourne, relax with at a winery with a glass of the region's famous pinot noir or soak your bones in the dozen different tubs at Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs

With so much going on; so much to see and do, it really pays to get advice from a local.

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